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Lo Terrachu's A La Carte Menu


Starter, Main, Cheese and Dessert                     40€

Starter and Main or Main and Dessert                30€





Hare and mushroom croquettes with a

carrot and red current sorbet                                15€


Wild pigeon marinated in pink peppercorns

and raspberries with a cépe butter                       16€


Green Langoustine gaspachio with a tomato

caviar and tempured langoustine                         15€


Trio of onion

Stuffed shallot, confit onion tarlette

and pane leek                                                       12€





Milk feed filet of pork with

brulé scallops                                                        25€


Doe deer marinated in coco

and Juniper                                                           27€


Slow roasted Lamb belly with

aubergine five ways                                              25€


Steamed Veal sweetbreads with

seasonal vegetables                                             25€


Stuffed Swiss chard with winter

Vegetables                                                            21€